About Us

About Aqua Express

Aqua Express is a leader in a range of purified alkaline bottled water with a ph level of more than 9.5. Come visit us for a free sample and judge for yourself. We also specialise in creating state of the art purified Water Shops. We strongly focus on bulk water refill as well as distribution of bottled water directly from our onsite factory.

 In 2017, Aqua Express and major suppliers joined forces thus creating a branded model and business that places Aqua Express as a trendsetter of water purification and related equipment which are distributed throughout South Africa. We also joined forces with Talisa Water PTY (Ltd) and now distribute atmospheric water generators both locally and abroad.

We have a strong focus on distributing water purification equipment via our network in order to meet quality drinking water requirements for residential, commercial and semi-industrial sectors and distribute the most reliable and durable water purification systems in the world.

Our in-house team of experts, ranging from civil to biological engineers with more than 30 years combined experience in water treatment systems, offers the client a unique skill set to ensure a tailor-made solution that is both cost-effective and sustainable. 

Company Mission

To be the leading provider of purified, alkaline and mineral infused drinking water in South Africa. Establish Aqua Express water health provider of choice. 

Company Vision

We are committed to:

  1. Quality: Our 8 stage purification process is used throughout our water factory ensuring the purest water for our range of waters for customers.
  2. Health: Our Alkaline water with a pH 9.5+ is also infused with trace elements and minerals producing water that hydrates much better than normal water.  There are  numerous health benefits in drinking high alkaline water.
  3. Price: We offer cost effective Alkaline, mineral infused water
  4. Carbon footprint: Our products has very low electricity demand to be as eco-friendly.
  5. Service: Service Excellence is our motto, and to have a good, clean, state of the art water store where customer  like to spend time.