Aqua Express Structured purified, mineral and ALKALINE pH9+ water.  Water purification systems 
 atmospheric water, water generated from the humidity in the air

About Us

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Aqua Express is without a doubt a leader in state of the art Water Shop and distribution of branded purified and prepared water, as well as the distribution of water purification, filtration and dispensing equipment.
We also distribute a full range of  ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATORS. Turning air into pure water. Through our network we have a strong focus on the distribution of water purification equipment to meet drinking water quality requirements in residential, commercial and semi-industrial markets. 

Products & Services

10l 20l 25l Square Blue container with tap
  • Pre Paid Purified Water @ 0.80c Per Liter
  • Refills of your 4×4 log range stainless steel water tank on our doorstep – No canister needed
  • Water Dispensers Sales & Rentals
  • Domestic Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Prepared pH 9.5+ Alkaline Water
  • Bottled Water (Bulk distribution)
  • Filtration system and filters in shop

Contact Us

K95 Sports Mask Double valve

Tel: +27 64 884 8483
Email: info@aquaexpress.co.za

Physical Address:
Shop no 10, Clubview Centre, Lyttleton Road, Clubview Ext 45, 0157

Why you need to Drink Pure Water

• Weight Loss
• Relieves Fatigue
• Digestion & Constipation
• Regulates Body Temperature
• Reduces the Risk of Cancer
• Healthy skin
• Headaches & Migraines
• Improves the Immune System
• Solves Bad Breath
• Improves Mood